Africa Unite’s goal


One of Africa Unite’s goal is to build communities that are conflict free, enhance social cohesion and promote social economic development within these …

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Human Rights Training

Video – Weekend Human Rights for Social Cohesion Training.

Youth & Post 2015 MDGs

In partnership with African Monitor AU has collected voices and aspirations of young people in South Africa through a campaign called Voice Africa’s Future (VAF) which is running in…

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Learn a new language

Language is the key to the heart of a culture. Sharing and learning of diverse language can be pivotal in building intercultural dialogue. Learn Swahili, Xhosa and French.

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Xenophobia Must Fall

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Africa Unite Clubs

Many schools have become a place where drugs, thugs, and weapons move freely through the school gates. Despite national efforts to restore a culture of learning and teaching, incidents of …

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South Africa’s Europe

By Kate O’Malley – friend of Africa Unite


As we drove out of South Africa’s “Europe,” an informal settlement adjacent to
Nyanga, one of the oldest black townships created under apartheid policies, the South
African heat and the day’s purpose weighed on me. In this long expanse of dirt
streets, overcrowding, and stench, people live with the constant threat of destruction
and death by fire, crime, and tuberculosis. And their beautiful children smile and
pose—with big personalities eager to please and … Read More


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