The Business Development Project

In the upcoming months Africa Unite hopes to initiate a new Business Development Project which aims to empower young adults who are unemployed by offering them practical and business skills which they can use to set up their own small business. Through this business and learning platform, a second aim of the program is to help eradicate xenophobic beliefs within the group of business minded  young people being trained. Xenophobia has been a prominent problem for some time, often resulting in violence, so the more we can do to change this situation the better. Africa unite hopes to achieve this second aim by selecting young people from a range of ethnicities and backgrounds as well as using team building exercises and group discussions throughout the training program.

We are currently at the beginning of this project and are currently in the process of selecting a group of 10-15 young people, hoping to bring them together to start the training. Our basic plan over the coming months is to teach the group skills of running a business, such as: marketing, bookkeeping, supply and demand etc. Within 4 months we hope to have several small businesses, started by the young people, up and running within the community with support from Africa Unite and their own financial backers. We look forward to sharing their success stories with you.

For now we are excited to be starting up this new project and hope to bring you regular news and updates along the journey.

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